How to take a Screenshot on your Android Mobile or Tablet?

While using your smart Android device, you may sometimes feel the need to take a screenshot of the screen. You may want to share your high score in Temple Run2 or Subway Surfer with your Facebook friends or you may want to discuss a particular App’s options on some online forum – for all these tasks, taking  a screenshot is a must.

So how to take a Screenshot on Android?

(1) If you have Android 4.0 or above

Actually it is quite simple if your are having the the  Android 4.0 i.e. ICS( Ice Cream Sandwich) or above (4.1 onwards i.e. Jellybean or Kitkat) in your device.

What you need to do for taking a screenshot is to simultaneously press the volume down button and Power button of your Android Device  for 1-2 seconds. See the picture below : –

Screenshot keys in Android

Press these two buttons together for 1-2 seconds


When you press these buttons together, you will hear a shutter sound (similar to the one we hear while taking a picture from Camera)  and a screenshot notification icon at the top of the screen will appear confirming that the screenshot has been taken.



Screenshot Captured Message

Screenshot Captured Message will appear. On touching it, the captured image will open in your image gallery.


 (2) If you have an older version of Android (3.0 i.e. Honeycomb or below)

Well, if you are using an older version of Android which does not support the above mentioned method, then you need to take a different approach.  This method involves downloading and installing a screenshot app in your device.

There are some apps which require you to root your phone before taking the screenshot.  Some other apps, though not require a rooting of the phone/tablet, need you to connect the device to your computer and install and run a desktop application. In most of the cases doing this (installing and running the desktop application while connecting your device to the computer) is required only once.  However, many beginner users will find this method a little bit tricky.

A few of such Screenshot Apps for Android are:-

(1) Screenshot Ultimate (Both free and Pro version). Requires installing and running a desktop application for not-rooted Android Devices.

(2) No Root Screenshot It (Paid £2.99) . Also requires installing and running a desktop application for not-rooted Android Devices. A free version is also available but only for Rooted Android Device.

Out of the above two, the No Root Screenshot has better ratings among users.

Apart from the above two, there have been many other Apps available in the Google Play Store which will help you take a screenshot. Just go to the Playstore and spend some time searching there.

(3) If you are  really an adventurous guy with some spare time

Well in that case read this wonderful article which will teach you 6 ways to take screenshot from your Android Device. The prime method explained here is the one which is used by Android Apps developers – the method of installing Android SDK (Software Development Kit) in the computer and taking screenshot through it.

Read on : 6 Ways To Take Screenshots On Android

So that concludes this article. I hope that after using any of the above mentioned method, you will be able to take a screenshot from your Android Device no matter which version of Android it is running and whether it is rooted or not.

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